We did

UX/UI Design, Webflow Development



More than pleasing, our mission is astound

This is the premise of The Lucena, a high-end woodworking company that seeks to facilitate the architect's work, in addition to delivering what the end customer wants. They work with strict quality control, making them a reference in the woodworking industry.


A sophistication that the high standard requires.

We developed a sophisticated layout that would bring a modern and differentiated design to the site. With strong colors that refer to luxury, power and elegance.


We raised to experience of the brand.

The Lucena had a website that didn't connect with its target audience, the architects.

Approaching a visual line that would talk to the user, allowing them to have freedom and visual comfort within the site, experiencing the power of the brand.

Visual identity

The colors that refer to elegance, luxury and power

We highlight colors that bring the public a sense of power, and at the same time the elegance and strength of the high standard


Delivering the right message.

We developed a site that conveys your values and positioning correctly. We transform the user's vision into reality, in a visual and interactive way, elevating the browsing experience in true immersion to the highest standard.