We did

UX Design, UI Design, Development


Website B2B, SaaS

ZipTag is a SaaS platform whose solution is a digital and intelligent business card designed to connect, impress, and sell more.

The platform provides its users, in a practical and technological way, with the possibility of providing all their means of contact, such as telephone, e-mail, social networks, websites and other relevant links in one place.

Strategic communication

Our main objective was to communicate the value proposition of ZipTag to visitors. Through strategic design and careful copywriting, the Landing Page not only explains what ZipTag does, but also why it's the best choice for managing digital contact information.

Experience first

Our focus was on ensuring that the ZipTag platform not only worked effectively and intuitively, but also looked modern, professional, and inviting. We achieve this through a user-focused design, which makes browsing the platform a simple and pleasant experience.

Intuitive and efficient

We dedicated much of our work to developing the digital card's link creation functionality, ensuring that it was as intuitive and efficient as possible.

We recognized the need for users to manage their contacts quickly and without complications, and that was our main motivation when designing the interface. Through a user-focused design and a careful usability study, we were able to create a simple and clear workflow that allows users to easily add, edit, and organize their links.

Mobile experience

In addition, we knew that, in today's digital era, many of our users would be accessing the platform through their mobile devices. That's why we've optimized the entire link creation experience to work seamlessly on any screen, allowing users to manage their contacts anytime, anywhere.

With this functionality, ZipTag users can not only connect more easily with their contacts, but they can also do so in a way that is convenient and enjoyable for them. That's just one of the ways we've helped ZipTag fulfill its mission to help its users connect, impress, and sell more.