Acelerador Racing

Business Presentation and Landing Page

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Visual Design, Copywriting and Social Media


Business Presentation, Landing Page

Acelerador Racing is a Sports Marketing agency focused on the motorsport segment that works to attract sponsorship, connecting brands to sports, understanding and meeting customer needs, generating a unique and exclusive experience, not only for branding, but for the visibility and positioning of the brand with a select audience that is very well aimed at large businesses.

Strong brand

We transform the way they present their brand and services to potential sponsors. The previous visual identity did not reflect the essence of luxury and exclusivity of the brand. To align this disconnect, we developed an elegant and modern commercial presentation, combined with a landing page, that highlights the grandeur and sophistication of Acelerador Racing.


We emphasize the unique experience that Acelerador offers to sponsors, integrating 3D images of the Porsche created by our partner Merinno.

This rich visual approach allows potential sponsors to directly view their brand associated with Porsche, solidifying Acelerador Racing's value proposition.

With this solution, Acelerador now has a commercial presentation that not only reflects its luxury positioning, but also appeals directly to its target audience, stimulating business opportunities.


Through our strategic design, we were able to highlight and convey the impressive media numbers and visibility that potential sponsors can achieve by joining Acelerador Racing.

We emphasize the impact and potential numbers that sponsorship can bring, offering a clear picture of the exceptional exposure opportunities that a partnership with Acelerador Racing can provide.

Emotional impact

The use of Porsche 3D in our design strategy plays a crucial role in bringing potential sponsors into an immersive experience environment during the commercial presentation. That's because, when viewing their brand associated with Porsche, an icon of motorsport, they can imagine themselves as part of this exciting journey.

The 3D experience generates a strong visual and emotional impact, providing a tangible and impressive visualization of the potential that the partnership with Acelerador Racing can offer.

In addition, the 3D representation helps to materialize the value proposition of the Accelerator, making it more understandable and attractive to potential sponsors.