Vitrine Revit

We did

UI Design, UX Design, Development


Website B2C

Vitrine Revit is a company specialized in the development of BIM libraries. They offer customized Revit solutions for designers and work directly with manufacturers and companies, government, and other actors involved in the construction chain (AEC).

Vitrine Revit is one of the most viewed distribution channels for BIM objectives in Revit in Brazil today. The perfect choice for architects and engineers who want inspiring and conscious projects.

Attractive design

The creativity and efficiency that the site requires.

Vitrine's new design is visually appealing, with a clean layout, and one that reflects modernity. We used the color combinations of the Vitrine Revit brand identity combined with an intuitive visual layout, containing elements that make browsing a visually rewarding experience. The perfect fusion between technology and design.

User Experience

We reinvented Vitrine's navigation structure, improving the experience where users can find categories and products more easily, making it possible to discover new images more effectively and that will meet the needs of their projects.

The site has a more advanced search strategy and product recommendation features, which make the experience more intelligent.


The previous design did not reflect the innovation and personalization that Vitrine's audience needed. More than just delivering tools to designers, they aim to revolutionize the user experience in the Revit world.

The new site is more than a simple update, it's a commitment to modernity, efficiency, and customer experience. That's the essence of Vitrine Revit.


The new site is driven by technology, from the tool that supports its structure, to its SEO-optimized navigation.

Furthermore, aware of the relevance of mobile devices in the contemporary era, we ensure that the Vitrine website is completely responsive, which ensures that customers can explore the site fluidly, regardless of the device they are using.