We did

Product, UX Design and UI Design


Website, App

Ohfy is a company dedicated to improving the well-being and mental health of society through innovative research and advanced technology. Using artificial intelligence, Ohfy offers a platform that allows users to understand their emotions, get to know themselves better and, thus, transform their mental health.


We designed a Landing Page that aligns perfectly with Ohfy's mission. The clean and light design conveys a sense of tranquility and order, mirroring the promise of mental well-being that Ohfy offers its users.

The use of artificial intelligence to understand user emotions and promote self-knowledge is one of the platform's main highlights, and this was emphasized on the Landing Page. We explain visually and strategically how this innovative technology works and how it can help users control anxiety and achieve mental well-being.

Intuitive and Fluid

In the design of the Ohfy app, we prioritized intuitiveness and consistency in order to provide a superior user experience. We highlight the application's artificial intelligence core, making it easily accessible and understandable through clear iconography and explanatory texts. Thus, we demystify the complex AI technology, facilitating the process of self-knowledge and emotional management of users.


Ohfy's AI-powered interface was designed to mirror and facilitate the user's emotional understanding. We've developed a clean and intuitive design that helps demystify the complexity of AI. Simultaneously, the built-in task manager, marked by its visually clear and intuitive design, supports a drag-and-drop system for efficient task and time management, promoting a superior user experience.


All of these features were designed and implemented keeping simplicity and efficiency in mind. Through our careful design, we've transformed the Ohfy app into a powerful mental health management tool that's easy and enjoyable to use.